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We will come to you

Team Building Workshops

My Pink Lawyer welcomed us with open arms to empower her employees and clients!

Attacks can happen at any time and in any location. Krav Maga teaches you how to fight in a "phone booth" which makes any location the perfect location!

Empower your Team

The med center boys at West FL Hospital wake up super early to get their Krav Maga on.

It doesn't matter your trade! Attackers won't ask for your resume prior to targeting you. Don't be a victim and add Krav Maga to your skills list.

Trust in each other

Krav in the Park is every Friday at 8 am 
Miraflores Park past the graffiti bridge on 17th Avenue

Empower your team in knowing that they can fully trust and depend in one another. 

Send us an email to request a personalized plan for your team or schedule a free estimate consultation below!

Krav Maga Self Defense Class

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